Funeral Flowers—3 Things Every Mourner Needs To Know


Flowers are a beautiful way of expressing your love and sympathy when someone passes away. But do you know the right way to choose and send flowers for a funeral, at-home gathering, memorial, or graveside service? If not, here's what you need to know about three of the most important distinctions. 

1. Funeral Flowers vs. Sympathy Flowers

Many people don't realize that funeral flowers and sympathy flowers are not quite the same things. While both express your sympathetic feelings toward the surviving family or friends, funeral flowers are directed at the person who passed away. They often include a heartfelt message for the deceased, which may even be read at the funeral.

Sympathy flowers are sent to the family and friends, usually in advance of the funeral and directly to their home. Messages are addressed to the mourners rather than the deceased. These flowers also tend to be less formal, smaller, and more vibrant than funeral arrangements. 

2. General Flowers vs. Casket Flowers

If you do send flowers to the funeral or memorial, they should be general arrangements rather than casket flowers. What are casket flowers? These arrangements are specifically designed to sit on or around the casket itself. They include sprays and large easel displays. Funeral flowers should be reserved for the closest family or friends. So do feel free to send flowers for the service, but make them more general in nature. 

3. At-Home Flowers vs. Other Locations

Do you want your arrangement to be used in the funeral, graveside service, at-home reception, or other family homes? Then you may need to be more specific in where they are sent. The reason? Moving flowers from one location to another may result in some arrangements being left behind or getting damaged.

Instead, send sympathy flowers to the family home if possible and funeral flowers directly to the funeral home with the deceased person's name on them. If you want the flowers to be used at the reception or wake afterward, don't send them to the home in advance. And you may find it best to bring flowers to the cemetery yourself if there's a graveside service. 

Where to Learn More

Do you still have questions about flowers and funeral or memorial arrangements? Contact your local florist shop, such as Sympathy Floral Studio, to learn more about sympathy flowers. With their expertise and guidance, you'll choose the right flowers, send them to the right place, and keep everything simple in this difficult time. 


21 June 2022